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RLS Building Corp.
Specializing in Energy Star
and Geothermal Homes
"My wife and I built a home with RLS 11 years ago, the quality, workmanship, design and the efficiency of home was outstanding. Over the years any problems we had RLS helped us take care of. We have become great friends with RLS. Sometimes people shouldn’t do business with friends, but in 2014 we built a 2nd home with RLS. Things have changed in 11 years all for the good, Geothermal, all electric, insulation, quality materials and workmanship. We would highly recommend our friends at RLS to build you a quality custom home."
~Steve and Debbie Himsel (2-time clients)

"As springitme blossoms and we begin to get all the "outside furniture" placed for the upcoming "lake season", we again realize how very much we "love" our beautiful home with its setting and lifetstyle. Of course, you know us well enough to know that loking out over the lake is the only place Ed wants to be! We continue, whenever possible, to sing your priases as one of the best decisions we ever made. Meeting your team in the fall of 1999 and proceeding to have your company build our home was such a positive xperience. Both of us felt comfortable with all of you right from the beginning during the home show, and that was very important to us as we had some very negative building experiences in the past. Also, the element of trust was very strong on our part as we dealt with you, again, right from the beginning through the closing, until today. Well, it’s six years since we moved in, and this home continues to be a source of price and contentment for us. You have addressed any concerns we have had promptly and efficiently - we couldn’t have asked for any better service."
~Ed and Margaret Dermond

"We are so pleased with our home and the quality work RLS provides. Bob and the team always go out of their way to be of service to their clients. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the home 3 months or 3 years, they are always happy to help. Prior to our move in, the inspector told us that our home was quite possibly the best built home he has seen in his 20 years of service. That was good enough for us! If we ever built another home, we would choose RLS Building Corp. again, without a doubt!"
~Rich & Melissa Hall

"We are so happy with the home we have purchased that was built by RLS. Bob Sandberg and the whole RLS staff are amazing and so easy to work with. They bend over backwards to make things perfect and easy on you. The customer serice is impeccable and you feel at ease that things will get done right. Many of our neighbors have had homes built by RLS and we have heard only great things from them as well. As a player in the NFL my husband had many referrals to different builders in the Indianapolis area, but we just fell in love with RLS and this home. We would recommend RLS and Bob Sandberg to anyone!"
~Jim & Lana Sorgi

"RLS Building Corporation built our new home and it was a great experience! We not only received a beautiful home but also ended up with Bob & Brandy as good friends! Building a home can be stressful at times, but Bob, Todd and the crew did everything in their power to keep that from happening. The couple of minor things we had problems with, Bob corrected immediately. We have had so many comments from our friends about the quality and beauty of our home. We would highly recommend RLS Builders to anyone wanting to build a new home!"
~Steve & Debbie Himsel

"When we finally decided to build a home, we started to wonder who we should choose as our builder in order to avoid the many potential nightmares associated with building a new home. RLS Building Corp. had built several homes of people we know and after talking to them personally and reading testimonies from others, the decision became obvious. Once we chose RLS, we became excited and moved forward with the process, trusting that Bob would deliver a home that we would be proud of and enjoy for the rest of our lives. We weren’t disappointed, there were a couple of bumps in the road but having "Bob" on the job everyday made it a smooth and enjoyable experience. We couldn’t be happier with the quality that RLS put into the construction of our home! We would not hesitate for a second to recommend RLS to anyone who has a need for a new home or construction project."
~Glenn & Angie Johnston

"We are always giving your company high marks whenever we are asked who built our home. It was a painful process for Karla and I as well as Todd and yourself. Some of the self induced complexities really turned into challenges for you and Todd. We definitely see it as part of the building process and a learning process for us all. You and Todd have been doing this long enough to still stick with it. We are grateful to have you and Todd build our home. We consider ourselves blessed that you two answer your phones and listen and respond to our concerns, as well. There are some people, we know, that have built that have had their builders turn their back and never look back. We feel fortunate not to be in that boat. We definitely have peace of mind knowing that you two are local. We hope to finish out the above garage bonus room in the future and would like your inputs and efforts. Thanks again for keeping us in mind and thanks for the Christmas cards."
~Ken and Karla Rabold

"We recently built a house with RLS Building Corporation. It was a great experience because of Bob, Todd and Brandy. The subcontractors were also great to work with. This was our first custom home and had many questions. We appreciated that before anything was ever started we picked out all of our flooring, cabinets, appliances and plumbing accessories. This helped us to better gauge the amount of our loan for the house; there were no hidden surprises at the end. At the beginning we were very concerned at where our payment was going to be at once we moved in. The Mortgage Company and RLS very good at making us feel comfortable with the decisions that we made and let us know how much room we had to make any additional changes. During the process, we worked very closely with them and made a few changes along the way and they were very prompt at changing them. They made building fun and easy.

Once the house was complete we still stayed in contact with them. We had a few minor things that needed to be completed and they completed them with out hassle. I remember one day in particular, we were having the furnace company out and one of our children were playing in the Super Bowl for football and Todd came over and stayed with the technician so we could go to the game. They all became our friends and friends that we trusted. RLS built our family a wonderful home and if we build again we would definitely build with them."

~Lori and Jim Compliment

"RLS Building Corp. just recently finished the build of my family’s first custom built home just this past November of 2008. When the keys were handed over and all was said and done, the product delivered was as promised and a touch more.

Bob Sandberg and Todd W. of RLS Building Corp. were involved in every step of our home building process including the design, quotation, planning, construction, and finishing, of our custom built home. Although building a house requires attention and time, I don’t feel in any way shape or form that RLS Building Corp. could have made it any easier. My confidence in them only grew as construction continued. They stood by their word, their promises, and their intentions. If they promised a detail, that detail would be there. If they couldn’t promise a detail, they wouldn’t, and then they would tell you they wouldn’t. Straight-forward, honest, up-front home builders; that is whom I sought when I hired RLS Building Corp., and that is what they delivered.

My biggest concern during the build of our home was "correctness" of build. In other words, quality and detail. That was most important to me. Our home is a one-story brick ranch on a full-basement with four-car garage and a bonus room. Above all things, I wanted no corners cut and exactness in assembly. I feel RLS Building Corp. did in fact deliver on those demands. The quality and correctness RLS Building Corp. put into our home is no different than that put into one of their most expensive homes. And when quality didn’t occur where it should, RLS Building Corp. was the first person to rip it off, tear it down, or redo it. They wouldn’t stand for anything less than perfect quality as well, which made my worries their worries throughout the entire build process. My profession and personality tends to emphasize extremely high quality and unquestionable attention to details. RLS Building Corp. met my standards, and that says a lot.

If I had to invest in another custom built home, RLS Building Corp. would definitively be my choice. When one invests such a significant amount of finances, time, and energy on any one single project, one only hopes that the point-man put in charge will only hold a crumb of that same care and worry on such a huge investment. RLS Building Corp. understood that investment for me and didn’t simplify my investment, waste my time, or wastefully consume my energy. They appreciated the financial dedication, the detail I desired, and the effort I was willing to make. And they matched them. That’s all I asked for, yet that’s a lot to ask.

Thank you to RLS Building Corp. for the build or our fantastic custom brick home!

~Joseph P. Howard

"I just wanted to say thanks for making it so easy to refer my clients interested in building custom homes. It’s always a pleasure for both them and I to do business with you. When I send a client to you, I have the utmost confidence that the home you build for them will be of top notch quality and meticulously built. Your team’s follow up and attention to detail are unsurpassed.

I also appreciated being allowed to participate, at my comfort level, in the planning stages of the projects. I look forward to continuing our business relationship. As always, you are the first custom builder I think of!"

~George M. Verrusio

"When I see a RLS Building sign I immediately think QUALITY! I’ve met many custom builders in my 25 year real estate career, most are no longer building homes. You’re truly one of the best to flourish during the challenging market conditions we’ve experienced over the last couple of years.

Bob, you’ve surrounded yourself with a team that cares about the little stuff and that is truly what’s important in a custom build job. It’s real easy to refer clients to RLS Building where I know they’re guaranteed to receive a no hassle building experience.

I can’t understand why every consumer whom wants to build their "Dream Home" wouldn’t build a RLS home. I value the business relationship that Carpenter Realtors and RLS Building have built over the last 10 years! Your commitment to excellence makes everyone who does business with you a WINNER!"

~Vicky Peters CRB CRS GRI
Managing Broker
Carpenter Realtors

"If you are thinking of building a house, please read this letter in completion before making your decision.

We decided to make a dream come true and build a custom home with RLS Builders. I had spent years being terrified from horror stories I had heard from people who had built and hence, had significant apprehension.

We now live in a house that made all of our dreams come true. Bob Sandberg is one of the finest men I have ever met. He has the highest of integrity and ethics. When you call his office, he answers. He knows everything that is going on at any time during the project. He builds an incredibly energy efficient home, as after three years our utility bills continue to decrease.

All of RLS’s sub-contractors have worked with them for an average of twenty years or more. We had minimal change orders, as RLS guided us carefully at the beginning in order to avoid these. Invoicing was flawless and our bankers commented on the ease of financing with RLS.

We would recommend RLS without qualification for any and all types of construction from a small renovation to a custom estate. If you desire, please call us for greater detail on why you should choose RLS.

~Dave and Julie Dumser

"We have now been in our house for 3 years great years. We wanted to take the time to thank you and Todd for making our building experience so wonderful. You stated up front that that your company would not be the least expensive but it would be the best and that has proven to be true.

We came to you with some ideas based on our previous home and those we had seen at shows throughout the area. You were able to guide us successfully from the design process through closing. Your ability to made recommendations without forcing your opinions, not only kept us on budget but reminded us of things we might regret later, if we omitted. Your willingness to answer our questions, not matter how trivial, also put us at ease.

We would highly recommend RLS builders to our friends and co-workers. Please pass on our contact information, if other have questions about our experience."

~Bryan and Wendy LaLone
April 19, 2009
Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis

Residential Warranty Corporation